Welcome to YuDash documentation. YuDash is an Indian startup working in Industrial IoT products and solutions, with focus on IoT Gateways and Data Loggers.

IIoT (Industrial IoT) is a fairly wide topic involving data flow from field instruments, network layers to various cloud/edge servers. We have developed a stack which our team has termed as YuDash IIoT Stack. It's just a simple way to explain YuDash product features to our users (to ourselves!). Most of our documentation, integration guides and APIs will be covering some part of this stack.

YuDash IIoT Stack

The documentation is organized in the following manner:

YuDash IoT Devices

YuDash primarily focuses on IoT devices (Gateways, Data Loggers). This section comprises of user manuals of IoT devices offered by YuDash. YuDash LYNX is our popular product. LYNX User Manual covers all aspects of using the product. It covers aspects of various industrial protocols.

Device to Cloud

YuDash IoT gateways (LYNX and ZENYX) can be easily integrated with any IoT platform on cloud and on-premise. This is enabled by support of multiple Cloud Protocols and Payload Formats. Documentation on various Network connectivity options is also covered.

Integration Guides

The IoT platform Integration Guide covers seamless use of YuDash products with various global IoT platforms.

IoT gateway has to talk to plethora of industrial instruments, sensors and equipment. Needless to say, this should be simple and easy. Integration with various Industrial Instruments is documented.

Please mail to info@yudash.com if you find anything missing or erroneous in the document. Our team will be glad to add new instrument integration guide.

Use Cases

Any technology, be it IIoT or any other, needs to solve a problem and generate ROI. The Use Cases section covers the IIoT applications developed by YuDash team or our esteemed customers.

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