Tenant Energy Sub-metering and Billing System


Commercial buildings have multiple tenants (corporate office, showrooms) who are provided with electricity and other utilities. While, rental space and amenities are charged on per/square feet basis, electricity is charged on consumption basis (KWHr). Traditionally, energy meters are installed for each tenant to record consumption and bill to tenant. For a large rea-estate company, the energy management is a fairly complex task involving various stakeholders, manpower, ovehead and pilferage in the system. In this use-case, an automated tenant energy management system is built over YuDash IIoT solution.

Problem Statement

The client is a real-estate company owning multiple commercial buildings in Delhi/NCR. Each building has multiple tenants (corporate offices, showrooms etc.). The client raises invoice and charge for energy consumed (KWHr) by every tenant at agreed rates. The client owns 5 commercial buildings, managed by finance team in their central office. Energy sub-meters are installed in internal electrical distribution panels in every building.

In the specific use-base, the building is powered by two utility power connections and have 15 tenants. The building has a facility manager with team to manage logistics. The associate was noting down energy readings from all meters twice a day. Subsequently, this data is entered in excel sheets by facility manager and sent to central office on monthly basis.

Finally, all data is reconciled by finance team manually and invoices are prepared for each tenant. This system is tedious, prone to human errors and unreliable.

YuDash Tenant Energy Sub-metering and Billing System



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