Modbus RS485

Modbus/RS485 is a popular serial protocol to read various sensors. YuDash ZENYX is being used to read a variety of instruments, sensors and PLCs for various applications. LYNX provides easy to configure approach for reading field Modbus instruments. Following are the key information points required for a successful read of instrument through Modbus:

  1. Baudrate

  2. Data Bits, Parity and Stop Bit

  3. Slave ID of instrument

  4. Modbus register information to read:

    1. Modbus register numbers and types)

    2. Modbus register data types (Size: integer/float/real. Byte swapping information: LSB/MSB etc.)

  5. Modbus register address.

Modbus Register Mapping in YuDash ZENYX.

Refer to LYNX Modbus RS485 documentation for more details for Modbus settings.

Various Modbus topologies are covered in Modbus protocol documentation.

Modbus/RS485 interfacing example

YuDash ZENYX is connected with XY-MD02 temperature and humidity sensor through Modbus/RS485. Refer to XY-MD02 integration guide for register mapping.

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