Payload Formats


Payload is actual data containing sensor information, which is sent over given Cloud protocols. YuDash IoT edge devices have easy-to-use and flexible, no-code APIs to generate payloads. This provides simple integration with various IoT platforms. This is where Payload fits within the YuDash IIoT Stack:

Support payload Formats

Some of supported formats are listed below:

JSON Format

YuDash IoT devices support various formats of JSON to support various IoT platforms.

YuTGT (YuDash Text Generator) for TXT/CSV files

Generic TXT/CSV payload can be generated using YuTGT YuDash Text Generator. These are suitable for IoT platforms supporting CSV formats, FTP/file based data.

Besides, main sensor data, YuDash devices support different TimeStamp options. Also, device status and diagnostics information transmission to cloud is supported.

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