YuDash IIoT Stack

IoT involves flow of information from things (field instruments, PLC, sensor etc) to the internet (Cloud, local server, Edge device) .

IoT Gateways/Data Loggers play a critical role in the flow of information across layers. YuDash IIoT stack in the figure below, explains various components of IIoT, which our products support.

Different components of the stack will be explained in subsequent sections and Integration Guides.

YuDash IoT gateways (LYNX and ZENYX) can be easily integrated with any IoT platform on cloud. It can be integrated with on-premise server. This is enabled by flexible, no-code features. The IIoT stack is explained through the diagram below:

  • Support of MQTT and HTTP/S protocol (REST APIs) for connection to IoT platform.

  • YuDash IoT devices support FTP protocol for enterprise customers with legacy servers. Please contact us if you wish to add FTP support for your server.

  • Flexible payload formats in JSON and TXT formats for smooth plug and play with servers.

  • Support of Time Stamp in payload with RTC enabled versions.

  • Support of backfill in server through flexible time formats to suit all platforms.

  • Besides process information, support of device status to monitor health of device.

  • Choice of connectivity through 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

Following are the main steps to connect to external IoT platform:

  1. Selection of Cloud Protocol

  2. IoT platform server details and credentials under Custom Cloud Server Settings in LYNX

  3. Payload Format Selection

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