Network Settings

Network Settings section deals with connection of ZENYX with the network. It is typically internet or local LAN in some cases. Depending on model, ZENYX supports the following options to connect to network.

  1. Wi-Fi: ZENYX connects to a Wi-Fi network (router) to access the internet/local LAN. All models of ZENYX support connection to internet through Wi-Fi.

  2. Ethernet: ZENYX connects to internet through Ethernet (RJ45 jack).

    • By default, it assumes DHCP connection (in which IP address is assigned by router). In this case, no further change in setting is needed.

    • ZENYX also supports static IP address configuration under advanced Ethernet settings.

  3. 4G/LTE (Sim card): LYNX connects to internet through 4G/LTE SIM card.

    • Support of all 4G networks, independent of carriers. LYNX has been tested with all carriers in India.

    • Option to provide carrier APN. Though, this is not critical.

    • Support of external antenna for in-panel applications.

  4. None (Offline): ZENYX is not being connected to any network and is being used as display unit. This mode is also used for debugging purpose.

Please refer to LYNX Network Setting page for further configuration steps.

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