LYNX Configuration

LYNX is configured through Wi-Fi using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. There is no need to install any software or LAN wiring.

Following are 3 simple steps to initiate LYNX configuration.

Step 1: On LYNX bootup, the device waits for 5 seconds for user to start configuration server. The LYNX screen shows the following message (with countdown from 5 to 0):

During the countdown, short press the Config button (connected with SW GND top right terminal) to start the configuration server.

Do not long press the Config Button. Just push and release!

Step 2: Once the button is pressed, the device will enter in AP (Access Point) mode, meaning a Wi-Fi network will be broadcasted. The Wi-Fi SSID name and password are displayed on the LYNX screen. Connect the laptop to the given Wi-Fi.

Details of Wi-Fi created by LYNX are displayed on the LYNX screen and are as follows:

  1. Wi-Fi SSID: yu10000492

  2. Wi-Fi password: 12345678

  3. LYNX IP address:

Troubleshooting Guide to connect to LYNX Wi-Fi

1) In some cases, Wi-Fi may be shown as "Open network". In this case, no need to enter Wi-Fi password.

2) At times, the Wi-Fi setting on laptop may be showing "Connecting.." instead of "Connected to Wi-Fi" after LYNX Wi-Fi is selected. No need worry. Please open the Configuration URL ( on laptop. It should simply open.

3) In case of further trouble, please "Forget" any previously stored Wi-Fi names linked to LYNX.

Step 3: This is how LYNX configuration page looks like on laptop.

While laptop is connected to local Wi-Fi of LYNX, internet will not be accessible on the laptop.

LYNX will keep the configuration server running for up to 5 minutes on inactivity. All LYNX configuration will be done through this page as covered in subsequent sections.

Following video explains the complete procedure to start LYNX Configuration page

LYNX Configuration Sections

Following are the main sections in YuDash LYNX Configuration page:

  1. LYNX Device Information: This is read-only section with LYNX model, hardware and firmware information.

  2. Network Setting: This section is used to configure network connectivity of LYNX. Depending on model, LYNX can connect to internet through (a) 4G/LTE (SIM card) (b) Wi-Fi or (c) Ethernet LAN. It can also work in offline mode (when it is used for local storage or display only).

  3. LYNX Settings: This is main section in which all features of LYNX are configured. It includes (a) Data send frequency, (b) Feature enable/disable (given industrial protocol) and (c) Custom cloud selection. Detailed configuration of a given feature is done in subsequent sections.

LYNX Device Information

LYNX Device Information read-only section with LYNX model with following information:

  1. Part No: The device part number.

  2. Serial No: Unique serial number of the device.

  3. Hardware Ver: Hardware PCB version.

  4. Firmware Ver: LYNX firmware version.

  5. Default Device Settings: By default, each YuDash LYNX gateway is pre-configured with "YuDash Cloud". Effectively, given LYNX IoT gateway is mapped to a unique "device" on YuDash IoT platform.

  6. Get Mac Address Button: This button fetches the MAC address of the LYNX IoT gateway. This MAC address is used for both Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

MAC address of LYNX is required for use of IoT gateway in enterprise networks for security purpose. The MAC address is required for "White Listing" of the gateway.

In some cases, MAC address and static IP of device is tightly coupled to gain access to the network.

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