Industrial Protocols


Industrial protocols are used for the communication of various industrial/field instrument with each other. YuDash IoT devices support various industrial protocols to read data from Instruments, Indusial PLC/Assets, Environment sensors etc. This covers major part of YuDash IIoT Stack:

Supported Industrial Protocols

YuDash IoT devices support various industrial protocols. Please refer to

Industrial ProtocolDetails and References


This is one of the most popular serial protocol for industrial applications like Energy/Power, Process Control.

The documentation is covered within LYNX User Manual. Integration with popular RS/485 devices is covered in Industrial Equipment Integration Guide.

Modbus TCP/IP

Modbus TCP/IP is a popular protocol with PLC/HMI and advanced machine. It uses the simplicity of Modbus, along with reliable TCP/IP network.

Modbus TCP/IP section of YuDash LYNX user manual provides necessary documentation.

Analog Inputs

Analog inputs include 0-20mA, 0-10V devices. YuDash LYNX Data Logger supports 0-20m Analog input. The analog documentation along with data scaling feature is covered in LYNX user manual.

For higher channels (or 0-10V DC), one can use various instruments, as covered in process control integration guides.

HTML Parsing

Many legacy instrument and environment analyzers have on-board local-web server. There is no industrial procotol available to communicate.

YuDash LYNX provides flexible HTML Parsing feature to extract data from local web-server over ethernet!

Digital Sensors

Latest instrumental sensors use digital protocols like I2C, Two Wire protocols, instead of 4-20mA. This ensures an accurate process. These are documented in Digital Sensors Section of LYNX User Manual


SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is typically used for LAN based management. YuDash supports SNMP to read industrial assets (eg: UPS)

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