ZENYX Settings

ZENYX settings are based on the LYNX IoT Gateway. Please refer to LYNX settings for the configuration.

Loading LYNX Settings from JSON in local laptop/PC.

ZENYX Features

ZENYX supports various integration with various industrial protocols and cloud platforms. Each feature is covered under a different section in configuration page. It is scrollable from left bar.

In most of cases, each section (or its sub-section) has an open, read and update button.

Finally, one needs to do an "Update and Preview" and write to ZENYX, as explained in applicable LYNX tutorial.

For first time users, it is recommended to write to ZENYX, power cycle the device and verify that given changes were actually updated in device.

Following are the list of sections in Configuration page. These are documented as part of LYNX manual or separate integration guides.

  1. RTC Settings

  2. Network Failure Handler Settings

  3. YuReCon Settings

HTML Parser Settings

SNMP Settings

Extension Settings

  1. Modbus RS485 Channel#2

4G Modem Diagnostics

Each feature is accessible from The feature details are covered in subsequent sections

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