YuReCon (YuDash Remote Configuration) is a powerful cloud based tool to remotely configure the LYNX IoT Gateway. It is built over YuDash IoT Platform and is offered as a value added service.

When YuDash IoT Platform services are used, YuReCon is automatically enabled at the backend. The front-end access is enabled at nominal charges.

It is mandatory that IoT device should be powered ON, connected to internet and YuReCon settings enabled.

YuReCon with External Cloud Platforms

With flexible architecture, YuReCon service can be used in conjunction with any other cloud platforms. The following diagram explains overall architecture.

  • Remote device configuration

  • Device health and status

  • Optional data backup on YuDash IoT platform.

When YuReCon is enabled, the YuDash IoT device communicates with YuDash platform for two-way communication.

Customer data is stored NOT stored on YuDash Cloud. YuReCon is used only for device management through two way MQTT

YuReCon for Data Backup

YuReCon can also be used to utilize YuDash Cloud as data backup along with external IoT platform. In this case, YuDash IoT devices will send process data to external IoT platform/server and also to YuDash platform.

YuReCon Dashboard

YuReCon dashboard is similar to local Wi-Fi configuration of YuDash IoT devices. It is available with YuDash YuFourIA cloud platform.

Steps to Use YuReCon

1) Select the target device that you want to access

2) Send a Request to YuDash IoT device.

3) Check "Read Information" for device response. Dashboard is populated with device information on successful response. In case there is no response from device (either it is inactive or busy), popup message will be shown.

4) After making changes, Remote Write Command is issued to update the device settings. This is similar to write command on local Wi-Fi configuration.

5) Similar to local Wi-Fi Configuration, the changes of YuReCon require device reboot. For this purpose, Remote Reboot LYNX is used.

Important Notes For Using YuReCon

  • YuReCon is primarily designed for tweaking and configuring deployed devices.

  • As a part of design consideration, network settings are not permitted to be changed by YuReCon. It is assumed that the network settings (be it 4G/LTE, Ethernet) etc have been setup during installation. Also: In case network settings are mis-configured (say, a wrong 4G setting or network more), the device will not connect to network after reboot. In such case, it has to be physically accessed by user for re-configuration.

  • YuReCon communicates with YuDash IoT devices while they are running field. So, the response will depend on load on the device. In cases of high Modbus registers, or slow network or cloud server (say FTP/HTTP), YuRecon would have slow response.

  • Patience and understanding of device behaviour is required for effective use of YuReCon. We don't claim VNC or AnyDesk type of performance!

  • JSON upload/download feature is a useful way to use YuReCon. This way, all settings can be changed locally and only updated settings are "uploaded" to device remotely.

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