MQTT is the most popular IoT cloud protocol. YuDash IoT device acts as MQTT client which sends data to various IoT platforms in a seamless manner. Two-way communication for receiving command from cloud is also available.

Following are the steps to use MQTT as cloud protocol.

Selection of MQTT As Cloud Protocol in YuDash IoT Device

MQTT Credentials

Following are the settings in LYNX to configure connection to MQTT server:

MQTT SettingDescription

MQTT Server (Broker)

The URL of MQTT broker is accessible on network. Alternately, unique IP address can be provided. This may be required for a local deployment.


The IP port running MQTT server. Typically 1883

MQTT User name

Client user name for MQTT broker - Based on server, it may be blank or Access Tokens are used as user name.

MQTT Password

Client password for MQTT broker. Based on server, it may be blank or Access Tokens are given in password.

MQTT Client Name

Client name for MQTT broker. It may be simply blank is most cases, unless specified by server.

MQTT Publish Topic

The MQTT topic to publish data to. In many cases, it will contain and API name and may include unique serial number of device or variable.

MQTT Platform Name

MQTT Platform Name: Generic platform name. It is for information or display purpose only. It is not used in communication.

Depending on API and authentication mechanism in MQTT broker of IoT platform, some of entries may be blank.

Following is the example for MQTT integration with popular IoT platform:

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