Modbus TCP/IP

YuDash LYNX supports Modbus TCP/IP to read various PLC/HMIs through ethernet. In principle, following are the pre-requesites for using Modbus TCP/IP:

  1. Valid Ethernet settings of YuDash LYNX for communication over TCP/IP.

  2. LYNX is Modbus Client, who request the data. The given PLC is Modbus server, who will provide the data. LYNX can read multiple Modbus TCP/IP servers.

  3. Following details of a given Modbus Server (PLC) are required for communication:

  • IP address of PLC. For example:

  • IP Port on which Modbus server is running. For example: 502 (standard port). Or 8888 (any port being used by PLC)

  • Modbus Server ID as per protocol. For example: 1 (The Server ID of Modbus is similar to slave ID of Modbus RS-485)

  • Modbus Registers and Data Types The mapping of registers and selection procedure is similar to Modbus RS-485

There are different network topology possible for interfacing PLC/HMI with LYNX using Modbus TCP/IP. For example:

A) Peer to Peer Direct Connection

B) Through Ethernet Switch

C) Through LAN Router with Static IP

D) Through LAN Router with Dynamic IP

All the scenarios of Modbus TCP/IP are covered in the video below.

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